Meghan… The beginning of a life with Epilepsy

I’ll never forget my daughter’s first seizure…  Meghan was about a month of age, she was laying on my chest when her left arm started to jerk.  I tried to hold it still but it continued to making these rythmic jerks and  started to raise up as though she were shaking her fist at me.  This happened for maybe a minute and then she went limp.  It was a really scary moment, I held her out infront of me, I honestly thought she was gone and began to panic.  I didn’t realize at the time she had just had her first seizure and was in a postictal state (an altered state of consciousness that a person enters after experiencing an epileptic seizure). At first it was really frustrating because no one believed me that something was wrong, they would tell me babies twitch and I was just a nervous new mom.  You know when something isn’t right with your child, it’s that motherly instinct, you just know.  Meghan continued to have little episodes of the fist shaking and sometimes it would include both arms and legs jerking, worst of all it only seemed to happen when I was on my own with her.  Feeling so frustrated, I Kept a video recorder with me determined to capture what I was seeing on tape.  My husband was present for the next episode my daughter had and I caught all seven and a half minutes on video.  This was the moment our lives changed and Meghan began her life with Epilepsy.

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