Ooops it was a poops!


Yesterday we had a fantastic day with my daughters school, her teachers set up an Easter Egg Hunt at one of the local parks, they had a cook out, played on the playground and the kids had a great time!

After the Easter Egg Hunt I called my sister who told me that her youngest son had done a face plant at his Easter Egg Party and looked like he’d been dragged through a bush backwards.  Luckily our mum lived right around the corner and she was able to rush him over there and get ice on his nose and face.  So we decided to go over to mums, Meghan wanted to play doctor and make her cousin feel better.  Logan looked pretty bruised up so we hung out for a while and had a few laughs to cheer my sister up.

When it was time to leave we were playing soccer in my mums front garden and Meghan started to do the pee pee dance and said she had to go potty.  My mum said to let her go in the grass (Meg had been having a few accidents here and there and mum thought rather than her get upset that she didn’t make it, let her go in the front yard)  and so I did what we call a carnival pee when we’re driving long distances, you know the one where you hold your child up while they pee.  Well a few seconds went by and no pee, I asked Meghan if she was going to go pee pee to which she replied with a grunt “No poo poo”…lol  I looked up at my mom and sister and they were both in hysterics, Meghan had a big poo right on my mums front lawn.  I got her back to the house once she was done and cleaned her up but it was hysterical, my mum couldn’t believe the size of what my daughter had left on her lawn.  Obviously I cleaned it up but it was too funny.  I guess the moral of the story is never assume that it’s a pee pee

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