Horton Hears A Who Day!


Today was Meg’s school trip to see Horton Hears A Who, what a cute movie we definitely recommend seeing it with your little ones.  I signed up to be a chaperon, what better way to challenge my anxiety than sitting in a theater with 100 kindergartners…lol  I persevered as Meg would say, she was so excited I was there for her, that makes all the uncomfortableness of the anxiety worth it.  I was worried we might not be able to go, she has this cough and it was coupled with a low grade fever last night.  I gave her some Motrin this morning, hopefully she’ll do OK through out the rest of the day.  Anyway, what a great movie and a cute day trip for the kids.

One thought on “Horton Hears A Who Day!

  1. OH! I loved that movie! I saw it with Big A when it came out. When is it coming out on DVD?!?!?!?! Btw…I am reading your back posts in case you haven’t noticed 😉


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