I’m no Mia Hamm, but I try!



Tonight my sister and I went out to the soccer field, did I say I was on a Women’s soccer team?  My sister talked me into joining and I’m glad she did because I love it and it’s another way to challenge myself and the anxiety.  I haven’t told any of the women on the team that I have anxiety and will not unless I have a full blown attack in front of them, my sister knows and that’s comfort enough for me.

 Anyway, we didn’t make it for regular practice so we decided to stay and practice until it was dark, pretending to be up and coming Mia Hamm’s…lol Not!  That was until the Mosquito’s came out. Ouch!  We practiced goal kicks, a little bit of defense and some passing.  I can definitely see how we’ve improved since we first started.  We’re playing a team that’s undefeated this Sunday, not looking forward to that but hopefully we can hold our own against them.  Wish me luck!

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