Trip to the dentist


Meghan was a little nervous when I picked her up from school today to go to the dentist,  she was holding back tears and forcing that beautiful smile trying to be a big, brave girl.   When we got to the dentists office Meghan had relaxed and was sitting on an oversized, bright pink, tooth chair enjoying the large fish tank in Dr. sierra’s office. 

The nurse led us back to the room, Meghan clutched beary bear and through a few tears got her teeth cleaned.  Then it was time for the x-rays, things didn’t go as smoothly, the little thingy that you bite down on kept hitting her gag reflex, after a few tries and lots of tears we gave up.

Next it was time to meet Dr. Sierra and just let me say I absolutely love him!  He was fantastic with Meghan she was still a little scared, at this point she didn’t want anything else in her mouth.  Dr. Sierra asked her what her teddy bears name was, then asked if she would help him count beary bears teeth.  He asked Meghan if she could climb up in the chair and hold beary bear to make him feel safe and she did,  he had Meg turn the light on and showed her how to make sure it didn’t get into beary bears eyes.  He asked Meg if he could count her teeth, showed her the one x-ray we were able to take, he explained she would be loosing her front teeth soon which made Meghan grin because she’s been dying to put a tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  Finally he pretended to paint beary bears teeth and then painted Meghan’s. 

Meghan left with a smile, two SpongeBob stickers, and a brand new, sparkly, toothbrush in her favorite color, purple with an alligator to protect the bristles.

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