Today’s the day the Teddy Bear’s have their picnic…


Meghan’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop had their Teddy Bear Picnic last night it went fairly smoothly.  We put together a great night for the girls and they got to do lots of fun stuff.  We took their pictures with their teddy bear, colored teddy bear pictures, made a pom pom teddy bear, made a really cool teddy bear snack, learned some songs and went on a teddy bear parade.  Meghan had a great time and I think all the girls left happy. 

The teddy bear snack was basically half a graham cracker spread with blue tinted icing, then you crumble some graham cracker across the bottom like sand and finally you put a gummy life saver around a teddy graham and put it on the iced graham to create a teddy bear beach scene. Very Cute!

I was so proud of Meghan she said her whole Girl Scout Promise which is huge for her because she has problems with short term memory and memorizing simple rhymes.  It was fun planning the Teddy Bear Picnic and I’m looking forward to some of the upcoming events that we have planned for the Daisies.

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