Keeping the faith…

goalie.jpgSo today we played what I would consider the the A team of our soccer league, rightly named “The Force” and unfortunately lost miserably.  Although it was a huge loss goal wise, I thought it was fantastic to see our players working together, talking more on the field and passing.   I played goalie for the first half and actually liked it more than I thought I would only allowing two goals and making lots of saves.  However, lack of sleep, not eating right before the game, and the hot, hot sun left me out for the second half  of the game during which they scored 8 goals, but not for lack of a good goalie, Pat did extremely well, they were just really good at adjusting when they saw a weak spot.  They started to draw the goalie to one side and then they put the ball in the other side. 

I think our team needs to keep the faith, be more confident in our abilities and not let this game sike us out.  Our star player was in Daytona, but we all played well against a superb team.  They clearly have a system that’s working for them and we should learn from it and work on making ourselves better.  I’m gonna keep the faith that we’ll continue to improve and just play for fun.   Go Silver Bullets!!!

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