Recipes Anyone?


Does anyone else get a brain freeze when trying to figure out what to make for dinner?  Do you ever feel like your mealtimes get repetitive?  I like recipes to be quick, easy and enjoyable for the whole family.  Any suggestions?  I don’t like cookbooks because there’s always that one ingredient you don’t have and you don’t realize it till your half way through the darn thing.. DOH!!!   Having one of those moments today so I’m off to the grocery store.

PS I’m no Rachael Ray so if you have a recipe to share they have to be fairly simple and something a five year old can help me

2 thoughts on “Recipes Anyone?

  1. I’m no Rachael Ray either, but I do enjoy finding a ton of recipes, thought I have a hard time deciding which one to make. You can find some recipes on my blog, (That’s not the website that my name will take you to.) I also try to take part in Monday Plan Monday, and you can find a lot of recipes there. It’s at I plan for the week and make 1 trip the store. It’s really helped with that last minute feeling.


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