IEP Goals.. Repeating Kindergarten

Meghan has made tremendous gains since the beginning of the school year, I am soooo proud of her.  We sat down with her team of teachers and therapists yesterday to discuss repeating Kindergarten and updating her IEP goals.   Everyone was very positive about her improvements and all seemed to be right on top of Meghan’s problem areas.  We all agreed it would be in Meghan’s best interest to repeat Kindergarten so they can work on the following areas to increase her confidence and overall wellbeing.

Meg has made huge gains this year in PT she’s now displaying more than half of the 4 year old skills, and half of the 5 year old skills.  Because Meghan’s gross motor skills are still immature she lags behind same age peers at play and it affects her confidence level.  In Physical Therapy they are going to continue to work on flexability/strengthening activities, balance/coordination activities, developmental movements, gait/mobility activities, and gross motor activities. 

Meghan’s language delays make it difficult for her to undertand some concepts presented in the classroom and  it affects her ability to understand what is expected of her in the classroom, again it affects her confidence and she is quick to tears if she thinks a task is too challenging.  In LanguageTherapy they are going to continue to work on receptive language, expressive language, pragmatics (conversational), and her language structure (grammer).  They will also be working on Meghan’s auditory memory skills so that she will be able to repeat her student number, her phone #, address, birthday, and nursery rhymes 4 out of 5 times with 1 verbal prompt. 

Meghan performs tasks at a slow rate of speed due to her fine motor and gross motor coordination so in Occupational Therapy they will continue to work with Meghan on fine motor activities, visual motor activities, bilateral coordination exercizes, and therapeutic exercizes. 

In the classroom she’ll continue to work on site words, segmenting CVC words, math manipulatives, reading, and writing a sentence using site words with an 80% accuracy. 

Meghan loves school and she’s very lucky to have such a great team working with her, she continues to make huge improvements and all I can be is proud of her.  She has come a long way yet still has a long road infront of her and we will continue to work with her team to get her to where she needs to be.

 We are getting ready to try and change her seizure medication, she’s currently on Phenobarbitol which is known to cause cognitive delays, we are interested to see if there will be any academic improvements with the medicine change.   I’m praying that Meghan tolerates this new medication well and things go smoothly. I want nothing but the best for her, but like any mother I’m nervous for her as well.  Medication changes have not gone well in the past but we’re willing to try it again now that she’s older and there are more choices for her.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for her.

2 thoughts on “IEP Goals.. Repeating Kindergarten

  1. I read your blog. I thought it was very interesting. How did you get you team to repeat kindergarten. I want to do that for my son but it seems to be “frowned upon” Just needing some advice. They want to send him to a developmental 1st grade class when we think he needs to repeat kindergartan. just wondering. Thanks so much.


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