Drawing Closer


Tomorrow is the big day, the start of Meghan’s medicine change and I’m a big bag of nerves.  I want to believe that this could be a great turning point for Meghan, but I have that little tinge in my tummy saying “don’t get to excited”.  I don’t like the idea of her being on two meds but know it has to happen in order for the weaning process to begin. 

My anxiety is on standby waiting for the ever so fragile scales of balance in my life to tip slightly.  I want so much for this to work for her and I’m hoping when we wean the phenobarbitol we’ll see an increase in her cognitive abilities.  It’s a scary process for obvious reasons, we don’t want her to relapse into multiple seizure activity and we worry about the withdrawal effects because she’s been on Phenobarbitol for so long.  Anyway, wish us luck and say a prayer for my precious baby girl as we make this journey.


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