Spring Break Med Change Madness..

So we started the Keppra today and I think things went well other than Meghan was extremely hyper, sort of like a squirrel on caffine..lol   I’m not sure if it had to do with the medication or being out of her regular routine and full of energy.   Meghan seemed to tolerate the medicine pretty well and didn’t seem to mind the taste either.


Haming it up for the camera!  I love this picture.


Ballerina Meghan, she was being so silly.



Here she was a princess fairy putting some sort of spell on me.  Meg wanted to get all dressed up and put a little make up on.





and of course in true Meghan fashion she had to be the little comedian, she had daddy and I cracking up as she came into the room with her blue guitar dressed like this.

I’ll be interested to see if Meghan is as hyper tomorrow as she was today.  I know aggression can be a side effect of Keppra but I’m not sure if hyper behaviour is one, that’ll be a question for the neurologist.  

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