Hubby finally getting snoring checked…


My husband is at the sleep clinic tonight to test for sleep apnea.  Let me give you a little history into my husband and snoring, when we first got together not so bad, now I sometimes have to make him sleep in a different room.  No, seriously you don’t understand he’s made people cry, move rooms, etc..

We went on vacation with another couple to Tennessee and stayed in one of those log cabins, all pine inside, big window looking out over the mountains, absolutely beautiful right.  Well, my hubby was exhausted from the all night drive, by the evening time had finally caught up with us, exhausted everyone retired for the night except my hubby he decided to watch tv for a bit. 

Our rooms were on either side of the living room, theirs happened to have the fireplace that goes straight through.  I get this overwhelming feeling someones standing over me and am startled to find Michelle’s husband trying to wake me, he say’s “I’m sorry to wake you, Michelle’s crying”, I’m like what’s wrong is everything ok?  He says “yeah, yeah she just can’t get to sleep, she’s exhausted and I can’t wake Erich” and then I hear it, what I’ve learned to tune out, Erich’s snoring resonating through the whole cabin, he’s fallen asleep watching tv.  I get out of bed, drag my husband back into our room and put a towel under the door, I’m not kidding it’s really that bad and when he’s out you’ve sometimes gotta get a little rough with him to get him to

Another time my husband was out of town doing some catastrophe work in Miami, they were staying at a house his work had set up.  My father-in-law and Erich were setting up their cots (the garage was set up with multiple cots for all the adjusters), when a new guy came in, he had a tank and mask, told them ” I need to tell you I’m an extremely loud snorer, I have the sleep apnea I hope I don’t keep you up”.  My husband, who can sleep through anything, says no problem mate I snore too.  The next morning the guy was gone, according to some of the other people staying in the house my husband had keep him up with his snoring, he packed up in the middle of the night and moved rooms.   For the entire time my husband stayed their only my father-in-law would room with him.

Anyway, it really is bad he stops breathing and I worry about his heart so I’m glad that he’s finally getting it checked.  The doctor told him he’s a great candidate for the surgery and I hope he goes through with it, I want him to be around for a long time, he’s my rock, he loves me with all my faults, makes me laugh when I feel like I can’t and I love him no matter how loud he snores *grin*.

3 thoughts on “Hubby finally getting snoring checked…

  1. I worry my husband has this, too. I wake up at night when he is NOT snoring and elbow him to start it up again. At least I know he is breathing when he is snoring!


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