Way To Go Charlie Crist (yes I’m being sarcastic)!

Charlie Crist just signed the Guns At Work Bill into law in Florida.  How are employers supposed to ensure a feeling of safety at work when some of their employees are allowed to keep guns in their cars?  In addition what does this mean for the employer?  Will insurance premiums go up being that employees can have a gun on the premises?   Isn’t it a violation of the property owners rights?   When will America learn that the only way we’ll reduce hand gun crime is if we do away with hand guns.

Why do people need handguns?   “Other nations have responded to multiple murders by making stricter gun laws and have successfully seen a reduce in crime, why can’t America follow their example?  “Surely, we all know that we will not be violating the rights of serious hunters and our Constitution by banning handguns. I do not know of many hunters who need handguns.” (Robert Guttman)

I’ve heard the argument that employers were searching employee cars without probable cause as one  of the reasons for this law.  Then why not put together a bill stating that employers can not search an employees car without probable cause and without having a law enforcement officer present or they can be brought up on charges?  In my opinion, it’s another step in the wrong direction.

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