Motherhood Contest

Over at they are having a contest that is sponsered by about motherhood.  You’re supposed to pick a picture that represents motherhood to you and link it back to the the contest website, below is the picture I chose.


I took a picture of a picture I have in my daughters photo album that I felt represents motherhood.  It’s a picture of my mom with my daughter during one of her first EEG’s.  I picked it because for me, it was one of the many moments my mother was there for me so that I could be a stronger mom for my daughter. 

Take Care and Good Luck to all!


2 thoughts on “Motherhood Contest

  1. Beautiful!

    Now if I could only find a picture that somehow conveys migraines, finding teenage boy hairs all over your bathroom floor, and the constant squawk of the television…then maybe I’d have something to turn in.


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