Making The World A Better Place…

This past Saturday we took our Girl Scout Daisies to the Botanical Gardens to earn their “Make The World A Better Place” petal.  We set it up so that we could plant flowers and take a nature walk.  Even though it was extremely humid the girls did fantastic and had a blast.  They each planted two or three flowers and I was able to find an earth worm or two and a millipede to show them.

Meg holding her yellow daisies trying to figure out where to plant it.


This looks like a good spot!  The girls planted in the Memorial garden and the Fairy Garden.  We told the girls that the fairies were statues by day and with a little magic moon dust came to life at night, they thought that was the coolest.

They did their Girl Scout Promise and a Growing Daisy song.  They got to smell different scents in the Herb Garden, the misters were on in the Rainforest Garden which made it a lot of fun, the girls loved the pebble path in the Dessert Garden and thought the Secret Garden was cool because.. well… it’s secret and there was a kid sized fairy statue in it. 

The girls left knowing that they had earned their petal, making the world a better place, by planting flowers and learning a little bit about nature.  The day ended with them eating lunch at a stone table and talking about the fairies and their favorite garden at The Botanical Gardens.  

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