Ahhhh Kids!!!

My hubby took our daughter to Adventure Park a couple weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to blog about this however I need to give a little history for you to fully appreciate the story.   When Meghan first started having seizures they were focal and consisted of hand and wrist jerks.  So on to the story… 

Hubby and daughter were at the Adventure Park for a daddy & daughter day outing.  My husband kept noticing Meghan walking with a clenched fist and the other hand fingers touching thumb, sort of in a pinching position.  So after watching her walk with both hand out in front like this for a while Erich decided he should stop and make sure this wasn’t something to do with her seizures. 

So he sat Meg down and asked her if her hands were OK to which she replied “yes daddy”.  He then asked her why her hand was clenched in a fist, to which she replied as if he should already know “I’m holding my rainbows daddy!”  Now with a grin he asked about her other hand and she told him she was holding her treasure, by this time my husband was giggling and gave me a call to tell me how she spent most of the time at the park holding her rainbows and treasure.  I do sometimes have to tell her to leave the rainbows in the car before school…lol Ahhh to be a kid again, I love that she has a fun imagination like that.

So of course hubby didn’t take the camera on their outing but he did capture this picture with his cell phone after Meg braved a water ride



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