England Saves The Day!

Okay, last time they had a Sports T-Shirt Day at school I was a bad mum, completely forgot to put Meghan in one.  So this morning Meghan and daddy were pulling out of the driveway when the calendar caught my eye and I realized it was Sports T-Shirt Day again.  Gasp!  I grabbed the phone and called daddy before he pulled out of the driveway.  Football is the sport of choice in America, so my mind was thinking god she’ll drown in Daddy’s Eagles shirt or my Buccaneer shirt. 

My mind went into Mummy mode trying to figure out what she could wear. I thought about the shirt I bought her to wear when she’s watching me play soccer.. Nah! That would be a bit generic and embarrassing.  Who’s Jersey are you wearing?  Ummmm my mums soccer team…lol   Then it dawned on me SOCCER!!!!  My brother on his last trip back to England got Meghan England’s new kit.  Yay!  So I grabbed her England shirt, gave it a quick going over with the iron and shoved her off too school, she was soooo happy.  Note to self.. Make sure you thank Funky Uncky Jamie (as Meg likes to call him).  Phew… a mums job is never done..lol

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