Tuesday Toot

Everytime I type the heading Tuesday Toot I always think of the song “Don’t mess with my toot, toot…” by Denise Lesalle.  Anyway, on to my Tuesday Toot…

I’m tooting my horn that I remembered to put my daughter in her England shirt for Sport T-Shirt Day at school today.  Wait there’s more, I drove to the Aquarium for my daughter’s field trip this past Friday and didn’t have to take a happy pill to do it, in case you’ve just tuned in I promise you I’m not a pill popping fiend, I have anxiety/Panic attacks and small tasks like this are a great accomplishment for me.  Uh wait… I’m not finished, not yet, oh yeah there’s more, I’ve been going on about going back to school to my hubby, finally applied for a Federal Grant and am looking to take my first class in August.  YAY!  So don’t mess with my toot, toots..lol

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Toot

  1. Hey, thanks for popping by my blog. I’ll be reading more of yours…I’m enjoying it so far. I also have anxiety and panic attacks. I take Zoloft for them … ah drugs. Wonderful, eh?

    And I think it is good that you “tooted” a little. Of course, down south Toot means to pass gas, but I know what you meant! 🙂


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