Should I be worried… Should I move my blog

I was wondering what people thought about posting your children’s pics on an on line blog?  I have been blogging on wordpress since about March/April and have never really thought twice about it till now.   My original intent was to use my blog as an outlet for me and to maybe help someone else out there going through similar circumstances and of course for family.  I didn’t think anyone would be the slightest bit interested in what I had to say or that I would receive a lot of traffic.  I recently got a spam ping back, that I DID NOT approve, from a jail and am now thinking about moving my blog to a more private site.  Do you think I should move my blog or just remove my pics?  Any constructive input would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Should I be worried… Should I move my blog

  1. So here is my thinking…I’ve also worried about this, but I keep it very vague about where I live. And I think of it this way — there are hundreds of mom blogs out there. What is going to make one person hunt down the author of one particular blog and most people are too lazy anymore to try to hunt down a person and kidnap or hurt or do anything to their child.

    I also make sure I do not publish any photos of my son that are half naked (just remembered on I had and I’m going to go pull it off) or that any pervert would get a thrill from.

    I started my blog to update family and friends and network with other moms. I want to brag and show off my son and nieces. I do use names, but not full names and as far as I know my name is not anywhere on the blog. I’ve been careful about that.

    It really depends on how you feel and if you feel comfortable with your security. Again, we don’t have addresses on here, locations, etc. I would just be very careful of what types of photos you post. Burgh Baby Mom posts photos of her daughter all the time and has even been on TV. She would be a great one to ask. There is a link to her blog on my page.

    Hope this helps and if you get any other hits on this and ideas, let me know. I’m not totally decided on the issue, even if I might sound like I am.


  2. Thanks Johnny Mommy! Being that no one really even cared about this post tells me that I shouldn’t be that worried as long as I keep it vague and like you said don’t put any skantily clad photos up (puts away provocative photos of yeah right!).

    Thanks for your imput and I’ll keep ya informed if I hear anything else from this post. I might ask Burgh Baby too since she seems to be more out there than most.



  3. Hi Kirsty,

    Been reading back through your posts so sorry this response is a bit behind schedule. I don’t think you ought to change anything as long as you’re generally anonymous. Its sad when you can’t represent your family life without worrying about weirdos taking a peek. One thing though, I’ve often wanted to leave a comment, but when the post has been about a lost tooth or whatever, and I’ve wanted to agree with you on how sweet she looks or how cute, I’ve changed my mind and thought better of it, in case I come across as a bit strange. It’s ridiculous really, when kids are involved suddenly everyone seems suspicious and hysterical. Your daughter is a credit to you and your blog is wonderful. Don’t let them win!



  4. Thanks for your response I was a little worried for a while but then I thought I do keep everything pretty vague and Johnny Mommy said there are soooo many blogs out there what would single mine out above the rest.

    Don’t be afraid to post a comment in the future and I’ll gladly respond. Thank you for your kind words and keep fighting the anxiety! Remember we’ll have our bad days but we’ll also have good ones. Don’t let the anxiety win!

    Take Care


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