My Kindergarten Graduate

As soon as they walked through the doors I was choking back tears.

They sang two really cute songs, one where they gave themselves a pat on the back and the other was to the song New York, New York except they replaced it with First Grade, First Grade.  Very cute!

Then our Meg-a-moo got her certificate.

The tears were freely flowing at this point and got worse as they started the slideshow of the entire year, very, very cute!  We then headed to the classroom where Meghan was give the Purple Petunia Award and we goofed off a little.

Meghan was showered with praise from Grandma, Grandpa

and Aunty Karen

I was soooo proud of her, she was a little nervous about the whole ceremony, but she did amazing!  I look at her sometimes, think of what she’s gone through in such a short life and I can’t do anything but smile knowing how strong she is, how far she’s come, I’m a proud momma!

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