Potty material…

Like most kinder kids sometimes at night my sweet little lass tries to stall on going to bed using tricks like read me another story, sing another song, etc… Well the other night she did something cute that made me and hubby chuckle.  She pulled the I gotta go potty again card, I told her ok but hurry you need to go to sleep it’s getting late.  Five minutes pass, Ten minutes, finally I peek over in the bathroom and she’s sitting on the potty with my crossword and pen in her hand pretending she can read and putting letters in the crossword boxes.  I say Meg put the crossword down it’s time to get into bed and go to sleep.  Daddy, who happened to be watching TV next to me, almost spat his tea across the room trying not to laugh at the vision of Meg sitting on the loo with the crossword, which in turn made me giggle and got Meghan an extra half hour before sleep.

4 thoughts on “Potty material…

  1. Ooo. She is a clever girl! I love it! I can just picture my oldest trying to get away with that. Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m so glad you did because I am loving yours. I’m adding you to my reader if you don’t mind. 🙂


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