Pimple PLEEASE (said in best diva voice)!!

 I thought acne was supposed to go away after your pubescent years.  NOT!  I wake up this morning, walk to the mirror and I have a big, shiny, red pimple on my second chin, yes I have two chins get over it so every time I smile and my chins begin to fold like a pack of hot dogs it’s right there staring back at me.  Ohhh and it’s not the kind you can slather with make up, it’s the kind you commit suicide over skipped school for so the cool boy wouldn’t see it.  Come on.. really god?  Oh I get it this is your sense of humor.. NOT LAUGHING (well maybe a little).  So for the next day or two I’ll be the girl, incognito at the grocery store with the hat, scarf and glasses.

3 thoughts on “Pimple PLEEASE (said in best diva voice)!!

  1. OH I know! Come on already with the pimples. I had one right in the middle of my forehead one morning. Aaargh!


  2. Like, ohmygod! Where’s the Oxy pads? Just don’t let Justin see you cuz he told my best friend Heather? that he liked you and not just liked you but liked you liked you! I know!


  3. jonnymommy – I would’ve put on a Sari, found one of my daughters glitter stickers to cover it and changed nationalities for the day.

    Sprite – Like, OMG I can never go to school again! lol


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