There Were Ten (Four) In The Bed…..

My little treasure had her first sleepover!  What’s that you say? At someone else’s house? Are you crazy?  Nope here at our house of course she’s not ready for a big step like that yet, ummm… I mean I’m not. lol

Any hoo… her cute little friend came round and it was brilliant.  They painted, played, watched movies and had lots of fun.  It was funny to see all their moods with each other they’d giggle, use their imagination, argue, and tattle as if they were sisters. Up till 11PM which made for a lot of meltdowns the next day but the fun was well worth it.

The sleepover was a too fer one as my girlfriend stayed over with her daughter.  It  gave my hubby a chuckle to see all four of us in my bed because the girls took over the middle and we slept like circus performers on the edge of each side of the bed.  Poor hubby was shoved in the living room with his cpap machine as his companion, what a good sport. Wait a minute!  He had the whole sofa to himself, hmm….  I think I may of got the short end of the stick

Rachel uncorked the sangria, another one of my girlfriends popped by and that was all she wrote we chatted like little school girls for a few hours ending with us planning a Karaoke night at my house in the near future. Don’t worry (or do) I’ll blog about that when it happens (if only I knew how to post video) Mwah ha ha.  Will definitely be doing the sleepover thing again was lots of fun.

Here they are painting, Meg mixed all her paint like Picasso.

Watching Alvin and The Chipmunks waiting for their bowl of popcorn and yes she is dressed like Bob The

6 thoughts on “There Were Ten (Four) In The Bed…..

  1. Sounds like the sleepover was as much for Mummy as it was for Meg! Karaoke? Only if “I will Survive” is the first song on the playlist. “First, I was afraid, I was petrified..”


  2. I wouldn’t have a Karaoke Party without Gloria Gaynor. The other one I love is “I love the night life, I got to boogie in the Disco ‘roooound oh yeah…. Please don’t talk about love tonight…” by Alecia Bridges Ooh don’t get me


  3. Cute! Have you Karaoked yet? I haven’t read all your blogs yet, so I am intrigued as to what happened. I would love to Karaoke somewhere, but am scared, of course, and no one I know would even do such a thing with me. I need some new friends!
    The sleepover looked like fun. I wish I had girls!


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