Hide And Go Seek!

So today we have two birthdays to attend, one for my darling nephew and the other for my dearest brother-in-law… busy, busy, busy.  Both birthday parties have perks, the first… it’s been extremely hot and muggy  (that’s not the perk lol) my nephew is having a pool party. YAY!  Wait… that means I might have to don a swimsuit.. Aaaaaaahhhhh!  Nah I’ll just shove daddy in the pool ~Grin~  The second.. My mother-in-law makes a Fantastic Chocolate, chocolate, Cheesecake for her sons birthdays YUM! My arse thanks you Barbara no wonder I can’t fit into my swimsuit..lol

Anyway on to my original intention for this post!  I was doing my very important blog surfing this morning when Meggers decided she wanted to play hide and seek.  I love hide and seek with meg, we take turns hiding, ask each other for clues which usually consist of a small cough or giggle.

Moo’s hiding skills have gotten much better, she used to do the ostrich thing and just stick her head under something.. blankets, pillow, etc. you get the picture, now she finds closets, tables, and beds to hide in/under.  Great! So we’re playing this morning and here’s how it went.

Munchkin – “Mommy you wanna play hide and seek with me?”

Mommy- “Yeah, sure baby”

Munchkin – “YOU count, I hide” starts running to find her perfect spot.

Mommy – “1,2,3,….20, ready or not here I come”  I start try and find her  “where’s my megger-moo? Under the table.. No!”  I can hear little giggles.  “Meg gimme a clue”

Munchkin – lots of giggles “I’M IN THE SHOWER!”

Daddy and I both laughed.  OK, maybe not so funny for you, but I thought it was super cute!  She cracks me up!  If she’s not giggling exuberantly then she’s telling you her exact coordinates.

4 thoughts on “Hide And Go Seek!

  1. That is adorable! Sprite thinks Hide n Seek is to throw a blanket on top of her head and then whip it off and say “Boo!” (Love her nickname by the way!)


  2. Thanks Sprite! I love the “boo” that’s super cute.
    My nephew just covers his eyes because he thinks if he can’t see you it works both ways. lol

    Kathryn, unfortunately a thunderstorm stopped us from getting in the pool but we ended up having a great water balloon fight during a break in the storm!

    PS The cheesecake was HEAVEN!


  3. You missed out on the most delicious cupcakes, but sounds like you made up for it with the infamous birthday cheesecake! Thanks for helping out with the water balloons yesterday! Mwah, mwah!


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