Three Birthdays

We’ve had three birthday parties in the past two days, we’ve had lots of fun, check out some of our fun pics.  yeah that’s right I rocked a balloon  Megger Moo had water balloon fights, played with her cousins, ate lots of cake, hit a pinata, got to ride a pony, swam, and played in a bounce house. Phew!  Tomorrow we’re propping up our feet and having a lazy day.

PS I just found out how to do this with the pics and am loving it! 


3 thoughts on “Three Birthdays

  1. Very cool collage! Just a suggestion, but you MUST frame the second one on the top row. Just a thought!
    Have a good one!


  2. Sprite – Thanks I did a couple pics of her in that old fashioned color (think it’s called sepia) they came out really cute. Definitely plan to frame a few.

    Kaz- thanks I’ll send you those birthday pics soon.


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