Ode To Hubby on Fathers Day

My husband has always had the ability to make me laugh with his quirky sense of humor.  I love how he can irritate me yet make me feel safe all at the same time.  Before my husband was a father, he was my best friend. 

Our wedding day was beautiful, I remember being nervous, you reasured me that everything would be perfect and it was. 

You were so proud the day you became a father and she looked just like you.  I never had a stable father figure in my life and you proved to be everything to our daughter that I would imagine a good father to be.   You are my best friend, my husband, and an amazing father.  I love you!

This morning Meggers and I made daddy a bang up breakfast of  bacon, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and mushrooms or as I like to call it a heart attack on a plate for Fathers Day (it’s his favorite). 

We ended our day dropping Meggers off with Erich’s mom, going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and then meeting back at his mom’s for a lovely eggplant parmesian dinner.  Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

One thought on “Ode To Hubby on Fathers Day

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Father’s day and your hubby is a doting daddy.
    Cheers to dads like him!


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