Meggers Loose Tooth

Meggers is getting ready to loose her first tooth!  We thought it would be the notorious two front teeth first.  However, the bottom tooth decided to sneak in there and wiggle itself free.  She’s so excited and brave!  She showed me she could push it forward with her tongue, I asked her if she’d like me to try and pull it out?  “NO Mommy I want Daddy to do it”.  She waited patiently all day!  Daddy finally got home this evening and I had to giggle because she had no fear and he was all nervous about pullin’ on her tooth.  After a bit of coaxing he gave it a pull and poor Meggers let out a little aaaaahhh…  OUCH!  It wasn’t quite ready.  Is it bad to giggle?  Because if it is, I totally didn’t.  End Result… Meggers tooth is still hanging on by a thread, hopefully if all goes well it’ll be ready to put under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy tomorrow night.  Time to break out the apples. ~grin~

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