Anxiously Awaiting…

On one of our first trips to the Children’s Hospital for Meggers seizures we met and became friends with The Kuhlman Family.  We met because their son Luke and our Meggers shared a room together, they were the same age and shared the same birthday.  It was as if god had put us together so we could help each other get through that tough time in our lives.  I still remember the night our neurologist (yep we shared the same neuro too) came in to tell us Meghan had seizures and then he gave their family the news that Luke had Infantile Spasms.  It was a very private moment in both our lives, one that we shared, one that we wont soon forget,  one that made us friends for life.

We live about an hour from one another, unfortunately we don’t get to see each other to often except through emailed photo exchanges.  However, when I stumbled across a newsletter that said our neuro was coming back to town, she was the first person I thought of and called, we were both excited yet nervous. 

I got an email from The Kuhlmans this evening saying that our Neurologist was coming back on the 7th, that they’d sent an email to a nurse on the newsletter who in turn talked with our Neuro, who agreed to see The Kuhlman family again.  

They told me to send an email because he wasn’t going to be able to take everyone back on, tonight I sent that email and I’m anxiously awaiting a reply.  It would mean the world to us to be back on board with our old neuro.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we get the good news soon. 

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