Random Ramblings

Woke up this morning with a visit from a not so welcome old friend “Mr. Anxiety”, tried my best to ignore him as he can be quite annoying.  The good thing that came of his visit, I tackled the dishes and got some household chores done.   When Mr. Anxiety comes to visit I like to keep myself busy so I don’t have to spend much time with him.  I haven’t  attempted to do the laundry yet, it’s a super huge pile, it’s clean, just needs to be folded, I hate folding laundry it’s a never ending chore.    I feel like I’ve been handling my anxiety a lot better, really pushing through it, every once in a while it gets the better of me but I try my best not to dwell on it. 

Meggers was really cute this morning, I love her imagination.  She came up with a game in which I was her egg (she made me a nest and everything), she sat on me till I hatched and then she would go and find worms to feed me.  Note to self.. Make sure meggers brushes her teeth before she pretends to feed me worms, breath not so fresh..lol

On the neurologist front, having trouble getting current neuro to fax old neuro Meg-a-moo’s files, can’t make first appointment till that’s done. grrrrr  The positive.. we ARE able to see our old neurologist again YAY!  I can’t wait till we see him, going to tell him he’s not aloud to leave again, I don’t do well with change.

 Daddy is at a class/seminar today until about 4ish, some sort of continuing education for his Insurance license, so Meg-a-moo and I are going to make him meatloaf and maybe some cookies today.  Then later tonight a few of my girlfriends and I are going to see “Get Smart” at the movies (hoping Mr. Anxiety stays at home for that one).

Finally, I need to shed some poundage!  There I said it.  I need to curb my eating habits and do some sort of exercise because my weight is at a ridiculous all time high.  I want to get back into running, but I’m a lot heavier now so it takes a toll on my shins after all I’m 6’1″ and ahem, cough, cough, pounds.  So if you have any dieting tips or exercise ideas please feel free to post them.  I think I may set up a separate page to blog about how this goes, I may even reveal my weight.. DUM, Dum, dum, that way if anyone else wants to do it with me they can. 



3 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. I’ve always thought doctors have a secret hate for each other, which is why it’s so hard for patients to transition from the old to the new, or in Meg’s case, from the new to the old.
    Losing weight, something I’ve been doing (or trying to do) since January when I stopped nursing.
    I am on this journey with you, Kirst!
    Tips, tips, tips. Hm, let me see. I do the treadmill 4-5 times a week. It was so hard at first, but it gets easier as you go. When I started running, I first began with a couple of minutes of running and then tried to tack on a minute every day or so until I hit an increment of 5. Once I did, I would stay there until I was more comfortable with it, and then tack on some more. Hope that helps, and I’ll be very interested in what you’re doing and anything you find that’s helpful.


  2. you’ve heard of herbalife?
    the supplements can help you lose weight safely. i’m on the products and my whole entire family are on the products.

    and if we’re anywhere near, i would love to watch Get Smart. Steve is hilarious!!


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