Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know…

A Friend of mine called me today to tell me she may have Leukemia, that she’d had an on going fever and had been in the hospital for the past week.  I was really taken aback by the news, we’re not super close but I really felt for her as she’s had so much going on in her life lately.  I told her if she needed me to make dinner, a trip to the store, or just a friend to have a cup of tea with to get her mind off things to give me a call.

My friend and I met in a moms club a few years back, in the beginning the club was great but over time it became catty and very clicky.  I eventually left the club so I could find more substantial friendships elsewhere as did my friend.   During our conversation she told me something that really annoyed me and showed the character of a few of those women. 

 My friend wanted to take her kids to Vacation Bible School, however her immune system is next to non existant so she has to wear a surgical mask when she goes out.  She was walking up to the church, a few of the moms from the club were standing outside, they didn’t recognize her (or maybe they did?),  giving her a dirty look they made the comment “Why’s that mom bringing her kids here if she’s sick?”  and something else about her spreading it to their kids.  My friend being a lot bigger than I would’ve ignored the comment and took her kids to VBS but the comment stung. 

People like this annoy me, they’re so self absorbed  that they don’t take a moment to think about what someone else might be going through.  I wish I’d been there to tell them why she was wearing the mask and make them slink back into their superficial circle with a huge amount of guilt.  I guess the point I wanted to get across in this post is before passing judgement take the time to ask, don’t assume what you don’t know. 

2 thoughts on “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know…

  1. I shouldn’t be mean, but those women don’t sound very bright. Most people wear masks to protect their own immune systems and not to keep others from getting sick. AND, if she was sick and protecting other people shouldn’t they be grateful she was wearing a mask? Whatever!

    Like I said, they don’t sound very bright. Or nice.


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