Weight Challenge Day 1

Can’t believe I’m going to post this..  Starting weight 250lbs (Gasp!)  Shhh I didn’t say that and your going to pretend you didn’t hear me, but now it’s out there and I have to keep this up so I can get myself to a healthy weight.

Breakfast – Yogurt and granola

Lunch – 6 inch Turkey & Veg on Wheat from Subway

Dinner – Sliced chicken breast over avocado salad

Snacks – Fresh cherries/Raisins

Beverages – 3 Big glasses of water  (gotta work on that) Cup of tea

Didn’t do exercises today, walked from blockbuster to Subway to Publix and carried groceries back to the car (they were all in the same plaza so not a huge accomplishment but worth posting). 

Congratulations! Only 29 days to go.  I’m going to try and not eat anything after 7PM, that’s my worst snack time.  Remember if you have any tips or recipes you want to share feel free to post.  Tomorrow I’m going to try a spinach and feta omelet I found on line will post recipe later tonight.

5 thoughts on “Weight Challenge Day 1

  1. Ohhh kirst, you’re so light!!! 😛
    congrats on starting a new healthy regime. and i know you’ll gonna achieve your goal.

    emmmm tips? standard daily water intake is based on weight(in kg)/2 x 100. then you’ll know how much water your body needs. you’ll get it right!


  2. Hey now remember I’m 6’1..lol I’m pretty bad with fluid intake, need to start lugging around a sports bottle and keep refilling it. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂


  3. You go! Man, the bravery in posting your weight!
    (I have to tell you, being 6’1, 250 is not that bad.)
    Keep it up and the recipe on the next post looks good!


  4. It’s not that good either..lol Thanks for the encouragement! I was sooo looking forward to that omelet and realized we were out of eggs this morning. Sigh! So instead I had a yummy Banana smoothie. Mmmmm


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