Weight Challenge Day 2

The day started off good but I must admit I did have a few slip ups.  Tonight was my soccer leagues end of the year dinner/dance I was pretty good and my sister can attest that I passed on what looked like a scrummy desert

Breakfast – Banana Smoothie

Snack – light Popcorn (watched a movie with Meggers)

Lunch – Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat bread, small hand full of potato chips with homemade dip

My sister found the Thorntons chocolates at my mums house, I was bad and had two, which is good for me..lol

Dinner – Ham with brocolli and a bread roll

Drinks – 6 glasses of water, seltzer water, and a sprite

Exercise – I boogied the night away at the dinner/dance to a variety of 70’s music with a little mix from today.  Going to have a big glass of water and go to bed.


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