Weight Challenge Day 3

So today was a bit better than yesterday…

Breakfast – Banana Smoothie

Lunch – Turkey & Cheese on whole wheat

Dinner – chicken, baked potato, peas, and brussel sprout

Drinks – 32oz gatorade 4 glasses of water

Exercise – I  cleaned a house for four hours, scrubing floors, bathrooms, etc.. and did a few sit ups. 

My hubby’s mom is a realtor and has a friend with a few rentals, so every once in a while I clean houses for a little extra money.  You wouldn’t believe the filth people don’t mind living in… yuck!  My house can get cluttered but at least it’s clean. 

3 thoughts on “Weight Challenge Day 3

  1. banana smoothie huh…
    hey try blending 3 slices of orange, a handful of strawberries and a half of banana plus some ice of cos…

    it tastes really good!!


  2. Best of luck with this diet Kirsty!

    I don’t know if you’ll like this breakfast idea or not, it’s called ‘fibre filler’ and it does exactly what it says. Mix up a bag of plain flaked bran, a box of Bran Flakes, and All Bran, (assume they’re the same brand where you are?) with a load of chopped almonds, plump dried prunes and dried apricots. It’ll keep you going for hours on slow burn calories!!!

    Porridge sustains me for most of the day..it’s night time when the munchies get me and out comes the peanut butter and popcorn lol. Naugthy! I’m gonna stop this too, and keep you company not eating after dinner.

    …you are soooo inspiring!! X


  3. Ooooh that sounds good with the orange.. Yummy! Will definitely try it.

    WildCandytuft – That sounds like it’d keep me going in the direction of the lavatory..lol I will try almost anything at this point, got the pics back from my soccer banquet and OMG I didn’t realize I was that big.
    I’m a night time muncher too, so the not eating after 7 has been really hard. Thanks for your encouragement! The lbs don’t come off as easy when your a bit older. Sigh!


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