The End Of The Season

Our Soccer Season is finally over, we placed second to last, does that get us down?  Absolutely not!  We had our first end of the season banquet where we all danced our bootay’s off.  We each got a letter from the House of Representatives and a raffle prize, lots of fun! 

Our team was the only team without a coach till a little over half way through the season when Helen, our Team Captain enlisted the help of her bow, Mr. Mike to help us out.  we have a great group of girls on our team and it was a pleasure to play along side them.  Unfortunately they couldn’t all make it to the banquet but  here’s a picture of half of us with Mike. 

This is Angie she’s a fiesty little thing and a fantastic dancer (like something out of Studio 54).  lol

 I’d post more pics from that night but I looked like a hippopotamus, completely reinforcing why I’m on this  I also need to get to the salon and get my hair done, can you say roooooots! lol  The other reason being my sister hasn’t actually send me the pics from that night, I had to sneak these two off her laptop while I was watching her boys today. Grin Thanks Kaz!  lol

3 thoughts on “The End Of The Season

  1. Wow, looks like good times!
    Sometimes, you just need to let your hair down, whether or not the roots are showing.


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