Weight Challenge Day 4

Sorry I’m a bit late posting this but I was knackered after watching my nephews yesterday so I didn’t spend a lot of time on the computer.  It was lots of fun chasing nephew and Meggers around, although was glad to get him down for a nap so I could get in the pool for a bit.  Hail to my sister, no wonder she’s so thin running around after Logie Bogie.

Breakfast – Keylime Yoplait Whip (thanks Kaz)

Lunch – Boca Burger on 1 slice of wheat

Dinner – Cup of Curried Chicken, made by my mum Yummy

Dessert – Skinny cow ice cream sandwich

Beverages – 5 glasses of water, 2 cups of tea

Exercise – Spent time swimming in the pool with Meggers and her cousin Cammy Bear

4 thoughts on “Weight Challenge Day 4

  1. try looking after 20 kids. i’ll be dead by the time i reach home after work. hehheh. anyways, it’s cool to have a pool. i wish i could afford one.


  2. It’s nice when you can give them back at the end of the day..lol

    We rely on my sister for the pool, we don’t have one either, we get a throw a way paddling pool each year. We’ve been looking into above ground pools but haven’t made a decision yet.


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