Three Things….

I have three things to write about today, but reserve the right to expand my thought process at any time. 🙂  

First, why is it my Meggers thinks I’m a human jungle gym?  I can be sitting in the living room watching shows with her, it’s a decent sized living room, plenty of room yet she will come over, climb my legs, get behind me, climb my back, elbow in the thigh, boob, ribs, etc..   She’s becoming a defiant little one too!  I used to be able to ask her to do something and it wouldn’t take much for her to comply, now however there’s a lot of hmmmpphh, stomping feet, just plain ignoring me and sometimes she’ll say things like “I tried to stop mommy but it’s sooooooo hard” (oh and she talks with her  I love that she’s really starting to think and do things independently, but sometimes she can drive me just plain batty. ~Grin~

Second, I watched my nephews the other day, love them dearly, but was completely knackered by the time my sister got home.  The older boys are pretty self sufficient, little smarty pants.  However, Logie Bogie, the youngest one is like a wind up and go toy.  I kid with my sister that there’s no need for contraceptives, one day with her boyz and I’m cured of any desire for a second child.  We had fun!  Logie is a little thrill seeker, loves anything to do with being thrown in the air, pretend dropped, bouncing, and I think he’s going to be a rock climber because he can scale a wall in a matter of seconds (god bless my sis).

 We finally got Logie to nap after lunch and I was able to take Cammy Bear the middle child in the pool with Meggers, he swims like a fish and pops out of the water like a buoy.  Meggers was super brave with her floaties on, swimming from one end to the other.  I took her floaties off for the last 20 mins to show her what happens if she’s not wearing them and to work on swimming.  The first time she went down like a sinking ship, poor thing, I was right there telling her “big pulls”, scooped her up and from that point on we worked on kicks and pulls.  

Last but not least, I am now going to be employed on the weekends, not a glamorous job, but a job non the less.  My mother-in-law informed me that her office lost it’s weekend receptionist, asked me if I was interested and I jumped at the chance of a little extra cash.  I can’t believe how gas and groceries are going up but don’t get me started, as that’s a whole other rant. 

3 thoughts on “Three Things….

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And, welcome to the weekend working club –we can be miserable together as we sit and watch t’other folk out playing!


  2. oh boy tell me about gas and groceries. here in singapore, it’s started to be like living in hell. my eyes could pop out just by looking at the utilities bill. world is getting crazy.

    and hooray for the weekend job!!!


  3. Congratulations on the job!
    Sprite is always climbing on me or the husband. We’ve often wondered what would happen if we just got rid of all her furniture and just installed ropes and platforms so she can really get into the monkey mood she always seems to be in.


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