And They Call It Puppy Love…

We spent the past week at Grandma’s as Daddy was out of town again, which meant very limited internet access  I gotta catch up on my daily reads and blogging, sort of sad that I’ve become a blog junkie. ~wink~  

Anyhoo…. back to Grandma’s, my mum has two dogs and three cats all of whom Meggers loves, however Toby and Meggers share a special bond as you can see from the pics below.

Every night Toby would try to propel his pudgy little body up onto our bed, we’d have to give him a helping hand, then he’d settle in next to Meggers for the night.

They both would toss and turn during the night, but never more than a foot from each other.

I think they’re friends for life!   

2 thoughts on “And They Call It Puppy Love…

  1. That is so sweet! I honestly hope my daughter stops tormenting our dogs nd becomes nicer or they will go on strike soon.
    Meggers looks like an animal lover!


  2. Thanks! Meggers is absolutely, 100%, an animal lover. I can’t get her to leave the cats or the puppies alone. I’m sure Sprite will find her niche with your pups soon.


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