Bare Bottomed 4th of July..

My sister had an afternoon BBQ to celebrate the 4th of July, we had a great time.  Meggers and I got in the pool and floated around for an hour or so with her aunt and cousin.  Then we gathered inside for a feast of hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, macaroni salad, and a trio of desserts.  My mum, my sister and I had a giggle or two around the table whilst drinking a beer or two (which we don’t do to often).  It was a great day and we left around dinner time.

Later that night the fireworks started, we usually don’t go anywhere as Meggers is afraid of the noise.  However, Meggers decided this year she was no longer afraid and asked me if we could go outside and watch the fireworks.  I said Of Course we could, and we headed out the front door and into the driveway.  There were three different displays going on around the house, I scooped Meggers up in my arms to show her one that was behind the house and realized she was bare bottomed….Oooppps!  She had her over sized Small Paul T-shirt on and I didn’t realize she hadn’t put her night time pull up on so I rushed her inside to cover up.  Then we came back outside with daddy and watched the display for quite a while, next year we’ll definitely be going out to see a big display.

The only downside was my neighbors across the street decided two o’clock in the morning would be a good time to set off a huge amount of fireworks.. grrrr I hope they move out soon, they’re renters and we’ve had nothing but problems since they moved in.

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