Our New Addition….

About a year ago we lost our dog Lucky, he was 14 years old.   It was very sad, didn’t think we’d ever get another dog, until…………

Meet Daisy our newest addition to the family.  She was voluntarily turned over to an Emergency Vet clinic in our area after she got very sick, they assure us she’s doing better and so far she’s fitting in just fine.  They tell us she’s a Shepherd Hound Mix.  Isn’t she super cute!

15 thoughts on “Our New Addition….

  1. Aww sooo cute! Every child should have a pet I think, what fun they’ll have together! Really happy for you….X


  2. Daisy is precious! She looks very similar to my dog which we rescued about 2 years ago. Watch out though….those eyes and floppy ears will melt your heart everytime!


  3. Awww they do look similar! I already fall for her cuteness, but she needs to learn a few manners so we’re starting Puppy training Monday. Thanks for stopping by:o)


  4. Hi there!
    I am currently looking for a pup and saw a beautiful hound/shepherd at a shelter. Do you know how big your Daisy will be when she is full grown?


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