All Things Eight….

Sorry took me so long to post Coffeecup but it was harder than I thought…lol


1.  MY FAMILY  ~  I love my daughter , would move heaven and earth for her if I could.  My husband yes at times can annoy me, but is always there when I need him.  My Mom, brothers and sisters love ’em all.

2.  FRIENDS ~  Good ones are few and far between.  When a good friend comes along it’s nice to be able to share each others ups and downs.  Words that make me think friendship are: Loyalty, Trust, Tears and Laughter.

3.  LIFE ~ I’m no Tom Cruise here , but life is interesting from the smallest bug to the biggest mammal, evolution, science, how things/people change, interact and adapt.  I guess you can throw culture and language into this category, I love learning a bit about other cultures and listening to people speak in different languages

4.  NATURE ~ I love cliffs, the sand between my toes,  the smell of the salty ocean.  I love mountains, both bare and snow covered.  I love soft green grass and big beautiful trees.  

5.  EQUALITY ~  I think all people should be treated equal, no discrimination, when it comes to race, religion, love, etc..

6.  BLOGGING  ~  I’ve grown rather fond of keeping an online diary, that hopefully one day Meggers can read and have a wee giggle at some of  the silly stories.

7.  EPILEPSY ~  It has impacted our life and will always be part of Meggers life.   Awareness is very important, being able to differentiate the myths from the facts, knowing what to do if you ever witness someone having a seizure is huge.

8.  KNOWLEDGE ~  Education!  You know the saying “knowledge is power”.  From going to school to picking up a book about something that interests you, ignorance isn’t always bliss.


1.  Be completely Anxiety free (like CoffeeCup other than when I’m dead, which is a bit redundant really seeing the title is things to do before I

2.  See my daughter graduate, fall in love, and get married (if that’s what she wants).

3.  Travel a bit more and really enjoy it.

4.  Win a lotto (I can dream can’t I) and donate a big chunk of change to a charity.

5.  Learn two languages the first being sign, the second not sure yet.

6.  Build a tree fort with a cool veggie garden around it.

7.  Buy my dream home, make it every thing I want and be debt free.

8.  Elliminate all calls from telephone solicitors and bill collectors.


1.   Whatever

2.  Whatcha doing Megger Moo?

3.  Do you know what I mean?

4.  Just kiddin’

5.  Oh Shit!

6.  What?

7.  I hate feeling like this.

8.  Do you think my head buttons up the back (hubby hates that one).


1. “The Other Boleyn Girl”  Phillipa Gregory.  Almost finished!

2.  “The Historian”  Elizabeth Kostova

3.  “A Man Without A Country”  Kurt Vonnegut

4.  “The Red Tent”  Anita Diamant

5.  ” The Time Travellers Wife”  Audrey Niffenegger

6.  “Through Violet Eyes” Stephen Woodworth

7.  “Skippy Jon Jones”  Judy Schachner .  Meggers looooves this book, daddy can’t get through it without giggling.

8.  “The Magic Tree House”  I could’ve listed more of my boring reads but these last two are some of my Meggers favorites for me to read.


1.   Mystic Pizza (Early Julia Roberts Flick me and my girlfriends would count pennies to order pizza while watching this movie, you know that delivery guy hated us. ~grin~)

2.  Innerspace (Love this movie, made me love the song “Cupid draw back your bow-ow-ow and let your sweet arrow go-oh-ow….)

3.  Lost Boys (Classic!)

4.  All the Indiana Jones Movies  (who doesn’t love Harrison Ford).

5.  Any of the Original Star Wars Movies (don’t care for the new ones).

6.  Ferris Buhler’s Day Off  (Buhler…. Buhler….. Oh and “Shake it up baby now, shake it up baby, twist and shout, twist and shout, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon baby now… you know your totally singing

7.  The Goonies (HEY YOU GUYS!!!! Gotta luv chunk)

8. Dirty Dancing (nobody puts Baby in a


1. My sister over at If I Could Escape…

2. Faiqah over at 19thMayFlower

3.  Melissa, My Best Friend (don’t tell me you can’t cause you don’t have a blog, you can do it in your myspace

4.  Rachel, My other best friend that goes for you too girly. ~grin~

5.  Sprites Keeper (come on just one little Meme… pullllleeeeeaaazzzzeee)

6, 7, and 8 any visitors yes that means YOU and please leave a link in my comments because I’m nosey :oP

4 thoughts on “All Things Eight….

  1. Wow, my first tag! (and after all the work I have to put into it, hopefully my last one…)
    Alright, mine will be up tomorrow!


  2. Hey, wow! Makes you think doesn’t it! Sooo well considered Kirsty! Aww the Goonies, I remember that. Was interested in that book, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’. Missed the film…is it good? ….x


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