A funny and a question…

I was playing outside with Meg today, she was climbing on her swing set, I was looking at her and thinking how she’s grown.  I looked at Meggers and said “Meg I swear you’ve grown an extra two feet this summer” and in good Meggers form she looked down and her feet and said “no I haven’t mommy, I still have these two feet”..lol  I thought it was cute.

Now for the question…. I’m getting ready to hit my 100th post and I need ideas for a giveaway contest???  I thought about a Starbucks gift card but what sort of contest should I hold???  Help!!!!

6 thoughts on “A funny and a question…

  1. If you sent Meg’s comment to the Daily Mail here, they have a column called ‘Out of the mouths of babes!’ they’d surely publish it, so sweet and funny!

    You could make some up some blog awards? Get people to vote for favourites, or do the honour yourself? It would promote your blog and get people reading each other’s stuff. Hmm…have to think on that…


  2. Kids are hilarious!

    I stink at contests, which is why I don’t have them….I agree with wildcandy…that sounds like a good idea!


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