Much Needed Vacation…

We went on a much needed vacation to St. Augustine.  We got a hotel on the beach and it was lovely to be able to spend time jumping waves, building sand castles, then being able to take a dip in the hotel pool.


On Tuesday, we visited Castillo De San Marco (The Fort) and walked through all the rooms, looked at the cannons, and Meggers even tried to scale the castle wall.  It was a little muggy out so we decided to go to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, WASTE of money, but the air conditioning felt good. 


We strolled down St. George Street to have a wee look at the shops, found a T-shirt for Meggers and a spoon (she collects them).  We saw the Oldest School House and the Old Mill, ate at one of the local cafes, it was a lovely day! 

We also got a chance to meet up with our old friend Angela for dinner at Schooners, lovely food (thanks for the recommendation Dr. Winesett).  After dinner we went back to Angela’s house where she set Meggers up with a coloring book and Word World, whilst we had coffee and a chat out on her back porch.

 On Wednesday, we decided to visit The Zoological Alligator Farm, fantastic! but for me, the most uncomfortable zoo I’ve ever been in, due to an ungodly amount of Alligators and Crocs.  Didn’t mind so much when i was walking on a concrete path, but walking over a rickety pier, surrounded by swampy waters, infested with gators, knowing that if anything were to happen we’d be bait,  was not my cup of tea. 

  We watched a feeding show after which Meggers came up with her own question to ask the trainers “Why was the water so stinky?” to which the girl trainer indulged her and replied “because sometimes the alligators poop in their own water, which is why we have to clean it out all the time P. U.”  Completely satisfied Meggers said “Thank You” and was on her way to the next exhibit. 

After purchasing a T-shirt for Meg, we decided we’d go back to the hotel, spend some time on the beach and in the pool as it was super hot out.  We made a sandcastle with an alligator around it, go  Meggers was thrilled that I let her run to the water to fill her pail by herself.

That evening we met up with hubby’s dad for a steak dinner.  Meggers ate a HUGE baked potato and kiddie size steak, while mommy tried her best to sneak in a few veggies.  

On our last day there was a storm churning out in the Atlantic, which actually made for a lovely day.  We decided to visit The Lighthouse, but because it was slightly raining, we didn’t climb it.  Well… also the thought of having to carry Meggers up and probably back down 219 steps put me off

The Light house’s black, white and red colors were stunning against the lush greenery around it and the museum was very informative.  Meg had fun pretending to man the helm of a pretend ship and ended up with another spoon before we left (note to self time to get the spoon

After the Lighthouse we took another stroll down St. George Street, Meggers splashed in the puddles and we stopped to eat at a little pizza place, great pizza and very cute.  The slight drizzle really made the day more fun!  We splish, splashed over to De Noels, a French Pastry shop tucked away on Charlotte Street, (did I say that my diet was on hold till we got back ~grin~) and got a few yummy treats. 

Finally we decided it was time to start our journey back home.  We got a little goofy in the car and hubby made fun of me for taking pics of the clouds, they looked fantastic, from the storm no doubt,  like an avalanche of white fluff in the sky.  Gorgeous!


You’d think I would’ve gotten my roots done before the trip.. NOT!  Happy to say they’re done 

We picked up daisy, dropped off some wine we’d picked up from San Sebastian Winery for my mum, and finally made it home, all in all a lovely vacation.

6 thoughts on “Much Needed Vacation…

  1. Love love love St Augustine! We went way before Sprite came into the picture and did all the ghost tours which were hysterical.
    You’re right about Ripleys! We felt the same way!
    Great pics.


  2. Loved that post! Those photos were so fascinating too, getting to see all the wonderful places you visted was really lovely. Those crocs and that school shack, the lighthouse, captured the imagination Kirsty, thanks so much for sharing those wonderful pictures. You guys look like such fun to be with 😉

    They have a Ripley’s in Blackpool. Creepy as shit! Those shrunken heads and freaky things gave me the shudders. Eugh!

    PS, the cloud pics were very atmospheric.


  3. Oh my gosh I am so jealous! Sounds like you had a great day! I just love the photos!

    What a blast for all of you and Meggers is such a cutie!

    A dare devil, cutie like mine I guess! 🙂


  4. Oh is that you in the photos! I haven’t been paying attention very good if you had photos of yourself before but how jealous am I that you are a blond. Is it true? Do you have more fun? *wink*


  5. Sprite – Hubby and I went before we were married and giggled through those ghost tours Except that time we were camping and I ended up in Flagler Hospital with Made sure to book a hotel for this trip ~wink~

    WildCandyTuft – Awww thanks! We can be quite the old married couple sometimes.. “Go left” “No I’m parking here” “Don’t be stupid park closer take a right” “shut up already” Was definitely a great trip!

    Kaz – Yeah the crocs made me uncomfortable but would def visit again. (might wear a k-9 protection suit, you know the one that the dog can bite in

    Johnny – Did you see my roots? I’m an overweight bottled blond, nothing to be jealous of…lol


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