Not Fair.. Yep I’m Pouting!

I’m stuck at work watching paint dry whilst my daughter is at a birthday party getting her face painted.  Daddy was nice enough to send me a text of what Im missing Soooo not fair, but sooo cute!

4 thoughts on “Not Fair.. Yep I’m Pouting!

  1. I think it would, they could do spiderman faces and stuff! Meggers must have a birthday close to your boy, she’s turning six on August 15th. I gotta start getting invites ready.


  2. Yeah, very close. August 13. I don’t know about where you live, but here, that was the hottest freakin’ summer on record. Not joking.

    Gaaaah! Invitations (shudder). Sometimes I’m doing great just to remember to *tell* people. Let alone actually puting something in the mail.


  3. lol.. Yeah Very Hot here too, thank god for air conditioning. The weather’s been too hot to do anything and me being overweight doesn’t help.

    We usually print up some sort of cute invites on the ‘puter or do the high tech


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