A Day at the Vet!

Today we introduced Daisy to the Vet, it actually was a really fun visit, well.. for me anyway, I wasn’t the one being violated for a stool sample..lol   It was also a bit of a reunion visit for Daisy as some of the girls that work at the after hours Emergency Clinic where we got her also work at the Vets office, they were super excited to see her and vice versa.

Daisy and Vet got on very well, she recieved her second set of shots and everything looked good except…. we found out that her little boobies (or teets whatever ya call them) weren’t symetrical, apparently her left ones are a little more south than her right ones.  I couldn’t resist.. I told the vet “Well she fits right in then as mine are crooked too, east and west”.   The Vet cracked a smile and said “aren’t they all” to which the Tech said “mine have gone south”  I said “yeah.. mine are south east and south west”  and we all had a good chuckle..   We left with a clean bill of health and a return visit scheduled for 30 days from now.

The Techs were trying to decide what breed Daisy is?  We were told Shepherd Hound Mix, but they think she’s possible part Ridge-back, which is a breed of hound so I guess that would be right.  Personally I don’t care all I know is she’s super cute and seems to be fitting right into our family, sniffing around the back yard with Meggers and getting into mischeif like Meggers…lolTonight we go to orientation for Pet Training!  Should be fun as daddy thinks he’s The Dog Whisperer, Meggers whines and runs away and I have not a clue how to discipline so we’re going to a professional who can teach us all how to train and take care of our puppy.  Wish us luck!

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