The Apple Band’s Coming To Town

My daughter has informed me her band is coming (gotta love her imagination) tonight to play at AppleBees.

“So when are they coming Meggers?”

“Tonight Mommy”

Mommy  “What’s the name of your band?”

Meggers  “The Apple Band, I play guitar and I’m the singer”

Daddy chimes in at this point… “So, who all’s in your band?”

Meggers pauses to ponder this question for a while….


Mommy “So Bob is in your band too”

Meggers “There are two Bobs”

Mommy “Oh…  So what do the “Bobs” play?”  btw, we don’t know any

Meggers  “Bob plays drums and the other Bob plays the flute” “AND Jack plays the trumpet”

Thinking to myself.. who are all these boys and have I met there parents?

Mommy  “Am I in your band?”

Meggers  “NO your the audience and daddy’s the audience and uncle jamie”

Daddy “So what song are you singing?”

Meggers “Big Boys don’t cry”  (It’s the reverse of Fergies “Big Girls Don’t Cry” Meggers favorite song).

Meggers breaks into her rendition of the song completely tone deaf “Big boys don’t cry…. you can’t hold MY haaaand… I wont center right now… you can’t share my secret wuuuuurld”  blows us kisses, takes a bow and leaves the room.

Thank You tThe Apple Band will be here all week, try the veal!

4 thoughts on “The Apple Band’s Coming To Town

  1. I’m with you Jen. Too cute!

    But really… who *are* all those boys? Maybe you should nail her bedroom window shut to put an end to the sneaking out at night. I mean, she’s meeting them somewhere, right? Probably one of the other little kids down the street has been having wild sippy cup parties!


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