Wordless Wednesday

Ok so maybe not completely wordless!  I can’t remember if it was over on Sprites Keeper or Boondock Ramblings (both good reads btw, you should check ’em out) but there was mention of zoos, monkeys, and pornlike activity.  Although we’ve had similar experiences with the monkeys behavior it seems whatever zoo we go to we have to explain this to our five year old (daddy took the pic, I refused..lol).  Of course she’s only five so ’em they’re play wrestling.  Oh Yeah! you come up with a better explanation..lol  

I just figured out how to use Mr. Linky so if you want to link your Wordless Wednesday photo to mine add your link below, I’d love to see ’em.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Very funny! Since we have 3 kids Noah and Tess already kind of now how babies are made. I wish they didn’t though. 🙂


  2. Hey, I found you! Through Wendy… I clicked on your link before and it took me to a Myspace page. Weird? Or not? It was probably something I did, when I was looking for a new header a few weeks ago, I had eight (count ’em, EIGHT) porn windows open on the bottom of my screen.
    My husband noticed it and now thinks I’m a perv.
    I’ve been there, done that… I told my kids the monkeys were playing Leapfrog. It was all I could come up with on such short notice.


  3. Wendy – Trying to preserve her innocence as long as possible. I already had to explain periods to her (at her level of course) so I just didn’t want to go there, but if we were having another baby I might have some S-plaining to do too..lol

    Sammanthia – Glad ya found me, sorry about the porn don’t know why that happened..lol I do have a myspace but not linked to this. Hmmmmm gotta love the internet, or not. lol I get a complete brain freeze when put on the spot by my daughter about certain things and come up with the most lame answers.


  4. Wow, I guess quickies just aren’t in the cards for turtles, huh? (Shell burn?) (Oy, stop the puns!)
    Wordless Wed is definitely not mine, but Lisa over at Boondocks runs Photo Friday and I believe monkeys were studied for poo flinging in her post. (Wordless? Me? The sheer outlandishness of it all makes me speechless!)
    (Sorry, dinner did something to me. I’m feeling punny.)
    (No, really. Please take my internet away. I’m dangerous..)


  5. That was me…oh how awful it is what I’m remembered for. 🙂

    Anyhow…that is one disturbing photo.

    Forgot it was Wednesday or I would have gotten involved in this today. The Wordless Wed. not the turtle … thing.

    Well, anyhow, thanks for the plug.


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