Spray Tan Before & After

Ok this first picture was right after we had our spray tanning experience, you can see why we completely freaked out, we looked like complete Oompa Loompa’s, weren’t allowed to shower for five hours.


And here we are after we showered up and got all the tanning solution off. 


13 thoughts on “Spray Tan Before & After

  1. Wow! It turned out really well! It looks natural to me. Maybe I will risk getting a nozzle shoved somewhere uncomfortable if I can look like that!


  2. Well, color me surprised! (I guess that would be orange.)
    You don’t look anything like an Oompa Loompa. In fact, the color is very nice. Still the potential of being judged by someone who has never seen a vinyl record in its heyday is enough to turn me off of spray tans.
    Good job on yours, though!


  3. My friend had that done the night before her wedding and she freaked out too. Luckily it does tone down after a few hours. 🙂
    Looks great!


  4. 19thMayFlower – Awww thanks! It was adventurous alright. ;O)

    Sprite – I passed the tweeny bopper test at Publix, they weren’t overly staring and didn’t whisper to one another as I walked away. Phew! As for Vinyl, what’s that? Just kiddin’ I actually have a record player and a bunch of 80’s Albums..lol I’m a nerd.

    Kathryn – I don’t think I’d do it right before a wedding YIKES! Thanks.

    DM – Thanks! ~wink~


  5. Ha ha I think in that pre-shower photo your teeth look amazingly white! ‘Glow in the dark’ white I’d say. You guys look great on both anyway, maybe orange could be the new brown? Fabulous results though, I’m highly impressed. You just look so healthy and vivacious. What a giggle …X


  6. I have seen many spray tans having had a spray tan studio, and this is exactly what a good spray tan should look like.
    It probably is even better color than you could develop by going into the sun, as most pasty white people sun tan red, so if I were you I would be sticking to spray tanning.

    You both look yummy


  7. Kirsty, could I put your before and after photos on my website? I have a site on spray tanning, and many people ask me questions about it.
    Your pictures are simply great to illustrate how orange you go after spray tanning, and then how well you look after you wash the spray tan off.

    I would also like to know whats the name of the company (MagicTan, SunFX, Mystic, or other) that gave you such a nice tan.

    I would of course put a link back to your blog.


  8. LOL sure you can post our pictures no problem! We went to a place called Just Be Tan. We were almost a purple-ish orange when we first came out and we even showered a little early because we were worried but it turned out pretty good. I think I would go again, but I might go a little lighter next time. Thanks for visiting!


  9. I would say that it was not worth it. What you really need to do is lose a lot of weight, wear the right makeup and get your hair cut. Spraying a tan on that is not enough. What you do have going for you is a nice smile and at least both of you are not short. The same goes for both women.

    Just being honest.


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