Actress In The Making….

When I got home from work this evening my daughter was eager to show me what daddy had taught her.  Oooooh they’ve done something educational, practiced her sight words, played a new game right? WRONG!  Meggers was super excited she had learned how to play dead. (unenthusiastic) Yay!

Apparently daddy taught her that when they pretend fight and he gives her a knock out punch she should(dramatically) fall back, close her eyes and stick her tongue out of the side of her mouth.  Of course I had to giggle at the pride she took in her role. 

7 thoughts on “Actress In The Making….

  1. Wendy – They sure do! If it has to do with fighting, gas, or anything like that you can rest assured dad taught it to her.

    Sam – If she ever hits the big time this is the picture I’d sell to the


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