How can something so toxic….

.. come out of something so cute. 

“Mommy you stink” 

“What? Oh, Ooooh…  (gagging)  OMG honey was that you”  looking at hubby.

Of course hubby had fresh air flowing freely through his CPAP mask so he was completely oblivious to the scent that was violating Megger and my nostrils.

“OMG take off your mask.. is that you”  Hubby takes off mask, quickly retreats back into it and starts to grin

“Nope not me, but I’m glad I’ve got this mask”

Then we hear it pfffffffffssssssssssss coming from daisy, sounded like a slow leak of air, well.. technically it was…lol

I could not believe the toxic, nasty gasses that were coming out of our cute little puppy.  Meggers started to really gag, which made me grab a copy of US magazine to try and fan the scent in another direction, saving her from bringing up dinner, this of course sent hubby into hysterical laughter. 

I kept pushing Daisy to the foot of the bed, she would inch her way back and then pffffffsssssssss.  I took her out to the potty thinking that should take care of it, we wont have to close peg our noses. WRONG!  even after relieving herself pffffffffsssssssss  WTF?  Meggers by this point had succumb to the toxic fumes fallen asleep.  It was as if someone had filled Daisy with gas and set her to slow leak for an hour and a half it was absolutely putrid.

After laughing at me making barricades, fanning my magazine and repeatedly taking Daisy out hubby finally said that Daisy had gotten into his coffee cup earlier and drank about half of it.  So, now Daisy’s been told she can’t go to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for fear that the gov’t might confiscate her to use as a secret weapon.

7 thoughts on “How can something so toxic….

  1. It’s usually the cute ones that cut the worst ones.
    My beagle was the same way when she was a puppy. Although, now that she’s 8, her farts just seem to grow like her belly.


  2. OMG doggie farts are the *worst!* Oooh I feel for you. Maybe you could put some kind of harmless but really stinky gas in your hubby’s C-PAP tank. Lol. Joking, but it would teach him not to let the dog drink coffee.

    Wait a minute, no. He picked mine. As far as I’m concerned he gets a free pass!


  3. Katheryn – I swear it was the dog and all through her training class tonight I bet they were thinking the same thing you said as she was lettin’ rip.

    Sprite – I can’t imagine them getting bigger if they did I think we might have to invest in gas masks for the entire

    Wendy- Never take my hubby’s side his ego will swell. ~wink~


  4. Wait until she decides to roll in something unmentionable! I’ve got two Westies who just love to find a decayed something or other to use as dedorant. Usually straight after they’ve been bathed. Guess they’re not keen on my shampoo….prefering ‘eau de poo’! Dogs! Delightful aren’t they? Lol!


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