Lucky Number Seven

Arrrrrrgggghhh!  Wenders over at Notes From The Sleep Deprived (notice the free plug Wendy?  Trying to aide your trip to tagged me to write 7 weird and private things about myself and then annoy choose 7 unwilling participants fellow bloggers  to do the same.  So here goes…

1.  I’m terrified of spiders, getting better with the teeny weeny ones, but if it’s bigger than a dime I’m running from the scene flailing and screaming.

2.  I’m a complete chocoholic! No, seriously, if there’s chocolate in a house I’ll find it.   I have absolutely no will power, devoured,

3.  I want to loose 50lbs and participate in the Annual Epilepsy Event in D.C.  2010.

4.  I hate when my family brings up my weight.  I know they love me, but come on it’s like having someone point out the big boil on your forehead in school, you already know it’s there. Thank you very much for bringing everyone elses attention to it.

5.  I’m a bit sarcastic sometimes, ok maybe a bit more than sometimes.

6.  When I was little I always wanted to be a “page 3 girl” what an aspiration right? lol If your from england, your probably already snickering, I was six  If your not familiar, a paper in England called “The Sun” used to feature a topless model on page three, known as the “Page 3 Girl”.  Be careful what you wish for because now I could fill three pages, can anyone say reduction. Sigh!   Also wanted to be Madonna & Whitney Houston in the 80’s. 

7.  Hmmm.. what else to tell you…  I have huge feet and can never find cute shoes.  Womens Size 12, Men’s size 10 1/2   They’re seriously some Duece Bigalow feet, ok stop scrolling back through my posts to look, just take my word for it.

Now who to tag……

1. Beautiful Fateha’s Mum over at 19th May flower

2.  The Very Funny and Inspirational Coffee Cup over in The Panic Room

3.  The talented DM Wright Books

4.  My sister over at If I could escape…

5.  Chanelle and Tristan

6.  The Grind over at Living With Strangers

7.  Sarahc&hearts

10 thoughts on “Lucky Number Seven

  1. Thanks for the plug! Let’s lose weight together. I want to lose about 70 (yikes! I can’t believe I just typed that!)

    Have you been to The Edge of Insanity lately? You’re gonna love it! hehe


  2. oooh an online weight loss buddy I’m in!!!! I’ll email ya and maybe we can come up with some sort of plan.

    Yep, I was at TEOI earlier this morning, her posts are always funny and amusing, left a comment for her. ;OP


  3. probably changed it after your comment rather than tag the same people.

    But now I feel looooovvvveeed! ❤ Yeah that’s a heart! For the longest time I thought when people posted that it was either someone mooning you or a mans


  4. lol. I do the ❤ too. I wasn’t sure anyone else even knew what it was.

    That must be it. Cuz I can’t go crazy right now. I’m already there 😛


  5. Cheers babes! I’d have to fly out some way to come and kill you, so I’ll think of something and give your meme a go. xxx


  6. Yes, it’s me… I changed it after I noticed Wendy and me had 3 of the same people, including herself… I didn’t want to annoy anyone. Because I CAN be annoying… it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?
    Laughed my butt off at #6!. I’m totally jealous you could fill up 3 pages, mine wouldn’t fill up a sentence. I’m president of the Itty Bitty Titty Club. Sounds like you can’t be a member… if you ever have a reduction, can you Fed Ex me some of yours? I’d be ever so grateful!


  7. Thankfully I’m not afraid of spiders. Snakes yes, but not spiders. You don’t run into snakes too often, but sometimes I think I breed spiders! And, my kids make me hunt them. Not a good combination.

    BTW, my sister saw your comment about the Epilepsy jewelry and asked you to contact her after Aug 9 to talk about it more. She’s very interested in working on the idea.


  8. I have to disagree with Number 1. A fear of spiders is completely normal. They even made a B movie about it. I had a near death experience with one of them.
    (There’s a rule in my house. Anything with more than four legs is not allowed in, no exceptions.)


  9. Uh Oh – so this means I have to write my 7 deadly sins now, too? Ok, this is my first time – haha – tag virgin! I don’t know that I have 7 fellow bloggers to tag, but I will try!

    I saw that spider movie way back in junior high/high school with a friend who hadn’t shaved her legs yet. OMG, I screamed so loud during the movie when she moved her leg and it brushed mine! I will never forget that! I HATE SPIDERS, TOO!!


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